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Jan 2022 - Present

Red Hat

Software Developer

* During the internship my responsibilities were to work as a Full-Stack developer on the OCP and ODF development process and work on various bugs and features proposed for the Storage team.

* In my full-time role, I was with the Portfolio and Delivery team where our major focus is to deliver our software to the market and make sure it's robust and scales as the products grow.

* I worked on building and maintaining enterprise-level pipelines, complex CI/CD architectures, and creating tools that help us achieve automation and flexibility in achieving our goals.

Mar'2021 - Jun'2021


Backend Developer

  • Created the complete backend structure of the clients’ web platform by upgrading the scalability, managing load, and improving the code structure.

  • Developed a utility tool for uploading the positions present in Moyyn to LinkedIn thus increasing the user base for the organization by 14%.

  • Developed a backend micro service for managing Deployments and CI/CD of the Machine Learning algorithms that were used in matching the candidates to specific companies.

Apr'2020 - Jul'2020


Full-Stack Web Developer

  • Along with a team of developers, created the Admin panel of, the admins can see all the statistics about the products, the business aspects as well as users in the admin panel.

  • The frameworks used were Node js, and MongoDB along with various npm modules for creating the backend of the website and React JS for the frontend.

Mar'2020 - Jun'2020


Software Developer

  • Worked with ElasticSearch in order to build a scalable search service. Developing maintainable API's for Frontend consumption. Implemented and induced various libraries, SDKs, and microservices into the codebase for maintaining the backend stability and creating a more production-ready environment.

  • I created some scheduler services and cron jobs for managing various microservices consumed by the backend architecture of the web application.

  • Fixed bugs related to the scalability and performance of the web app and worked on various backend utility micro-services.


Programming Languages

  • Javascript

  • Typescript

  • Python

  • C++

  • Golang

  • SQL

  • Java

Frameworks & Libraries

  • NodeJs

  • Django

  • Flask

  • React

  • Express

  • Gin

Tools & Services

  • Kubernetes

  • Docker

  • Ansible

  • Jenkins

  • AWS

  • MongoDB

  • MySQL

  • Postgres


  • This project transforms your online class to Google search results, YouTube videos, and Transcript of the whole class in form of Google docs so that if
    you are unable to understand the concepts, you always have the resources at your disposal.

  • If you have any issues like low internet connectivity you can check the transcript afterward, which improves your learning ability.

  • During the pandemic, all the classes were going online so I developed a web app where teachers can create their own online classes, upload materials and
    interact with students from around the world.

  • A user can enroll on the website as a Student or an Instructor. If you log in as a Student you can join various classes created by Instructors and access
    all the content put up by them in each class.

  • Wryter is an online blogging portal developed using NodeJS, which acts as a medium for people to put up blogs and search for all other blogs on the

  • Users can comment on the blogs and save their favourite ones as well.

~ Check out all my other projects here ~

  • github-mark-white
  • MapMe is a textual-based navigation service that gives directions on your phone without using the internet. This service doesn’t require the users
    to have a smartphone.

  • The backend service of the project mainly uses Google Maps API and Twilio API.

Education & Certification

2018 - 2022

Vellore Institute of Technology, Vellore | B.Tech in Information Technology


AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner

Certification provided by AWS for individuals proficient in Cloud Fundamentals and Amazon Web Services.

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